How does the Manufacturer Monitor the Distributors inventory?
One of the ways a Manufacturer can monitor a Distributors inventory is through the use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Below we have listed a few of the EDI sets that may be used.

#852 - Product Activity - Sent by the Distributor
The distributors inventory level and product activity.
The standard #852 only transmits a "change" since the previous transmission.
An "All Item Refresh" sends every field for every item.
Key Fields:
Current Available (QA): Distributors Current Inventory Available
Stock Type (QA): "P" = Managed, "N" = Non-Managed
Replenishment B/O(QP): The Distributors Backorder with the Manufacturer.
Customer B/O(QO): Distributors Backorder to their End Customer
Volume (QS): Total Volume Sold
Frequency(QS): Number of Sales that makeup the Total Volume
Additional Fields:
Quantity Damaged (DG)
Quantity on Hold (HL)
Lost Sales (LS)
Planned Order Quantity (OQ)
Calculated ROP (PO)
Quantity Committed (QC)
Additional Demand Quantity (QD)
Quantity in Transit (QI)
Minimum Inventory Quantity (QL)
Maximum Inventory Quantity (QM)
Quantity Received (QR)
Adjustment to Inventory Quantity (QT)
Quantity Returned by Customer (QU)
Quantity Transferred (QZ)

#855 - Recommend Replenishment
- Sent by the Manufacturer.
The order the manufacturer has created.

#856/857 - Advanced Ship Notice - Sent by the Manufacturer.
Sent out right before the Shipment leaves the Manufacturer.

#861 - Receipt Advise - Sent by the Distributor.
What the Distributor actually Received.

#810 - Invoice - Sent by the Manufacturer.
Electronic Billing.

#820 Payment/Remittance Advise - Sent by the Distributor.


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